Morro Bay Chamber is Deceiving the Community. Here’s the Proof.

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This morning, I was made aware the Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce responded to my blog post. The following is a response from Cherise Hansson, Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce’s 2024 Chairperson that was sent to members via email:

“Firstly, I want to extend my sincere gratitude for your membership and commitment to the Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce. Recently, it has come to our attention that there are circulating rumors, specifically a recent blog post, suggesting a merger between the Morro Bay Chamber and the San Luis Obispo Chamber. I wish to clarify unequivocally that this information is not accurate. It is no secret that in recent years we have had conversations with neighboring Chambers about possible consolidation of efforts. However, no such merger is taking place at this time. We continue to operate as an independent entity dedicated to serving our community. In the future, if there were earnest consideration of a merger both Chambers would make their membership aware and seek their input.”

This response was expected. The following is a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) submitted to the Morro Bay Chamber Board of Directors last October:

This document was presented to Board of Directors who were reportedly forced to sign an ambiguous non-disclosure agreement that mentioned an unspecified “highly confidential” Chamber project. If the Chamber wasn’t serious with their conversations about a merger, there would be no NDA. No conversations about a merger. No specific timetables for when the merger would be achieved.

I believe Cherise Hansson and the Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce owe the business community and the public at large a profound apology for their clear deception.

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  1. Great job tonight! It’s always nice to get a diversity of opinions at the City Council meetings. The lady that spoke against you definitely fell flat with most of the folks there, I have to say. Sounds of derision for her, and an audible gasp for you! Good show!

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