Morro Bay

Morro Bay has changed dramatically since its incorporation in 1964. And sometimes, it feels nothing has changed at all.

I moved to Morro Bay in 2011. The first thing I noticed about the city was how small and inclusive it was. I could stand in the middle of downtown and feel like I could go anywhere. Now, I continue to appreciate that feeling of connectivity.

Wherever my feet naturally took me, I would always find something new. I would make new friends, reconnect with old ones and live in a scenic landscape that remained gracefully timeless as everyone happily buzzed around me. As a young person, I always felt like I always had to move. But there was something undeniably rewarding about standing in one place for a while, observing crowds of people moving in the ebb and flow of a subtle breeze that seemingly accompanied everyone.

In Morro Bay, a small city with a population of over 10,000 people, I constantly feel connected to the larger world — as long as I stay still and appreciate life around me.

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