Why I’m Voting No on Morro Bay Harbor Tax B-22

After careful consideration, I’m encouraging Morro Bay residents to VOTE NO on Harbor Tax B-22. Over the past several years, Morro Bay voters have voted for measures that increase taxes on residents, small businesses and tourists for severely underfunded departments. These departments have undoubtedly provided crucial and necessary services for Morro Bay. There is no …

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City of Morro Bay

Citizen Interrupted

When a resident speaks at public comment during government meetings, they always run the risk of getting interrupted. At the August 23 Morro Bay City Council meeting, my public comment was interrupted by Mayor John Headding as soon as I touched on potential conflict of interest with him and current councilmember Jen Ford. Mayor Headding …

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Do not feed the trolls

Beware of Trolls

Small town politics can be relentlessly brutal. One reason people don’t run for public office is because of harsh scrutiny they get from the public. People want to know everything about you. And people are smart enough to know if you’re hiding something. Ideally, it’s a good thing to be as open as possible. And …

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Morro Rock

A Higher Calling

I’m seriously considering a mayoral run in Morro Bay. Normally, candidates will announce they’re running and skip the part about their deliberation process. But in the spirit of transparency, I decided to go public. Rest assured, I will not make any flowery speeches or make promises that I can’t guarantee on delivering. For years, I’ve …

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